Angie Flare reminds us that great things come in small packages, with her appearance, her voice and her origin.

No matter your size, age or circumstance, everybody is capable of grandness, even in the smallest of ways. With that in mind, Angie performs and writes powerful country songs that give you wings.


Angie fell in love with the city of Nashville; the music, the people, the vibe. This city totally resembles her message that everybody matters, because every song and every musician, big or small (for Angie literally speaking) is recognized. Angie's debut EP is a result of her quest to her own sound and voice, which resulted in a declaration of love to Nashville and her country stars, like Carrie Underwood and Luke Combs.


The title track, called 'Footprints in the Sand', is about legacy. The desire to leave something beautiful here in this, sometimes hard, world. The EP is Angie's own first step.


Angie Flare


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